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Active List

Tasks, Projects and Categories are all represented nearly identically in one cascading list view. Tasks have a Checking Circle on their left hand side, Projects and Categories have an Expansion Triangle. Categories also have their name displayed in orange type.

The Add Button

The "Add" button in the upper right hand corner allows you to create a new Task. It will be inserted below the entry currently carrying the Selection & Insertion Mark or at the top of the list if no entry is currently selected.

The Toolbar Button

Tapping the "Toolbar" button in the upper left hand corner will show or hide the Toolbar.

The Entry Name

The central piece of each row displays the entry's title or "unnamed project" if no title has yet been entered.

The Detail Disclosure Button

Tapping the Detail Disclosure button to the right of each entry will open the Overview screen for the entry.

The Selection And Insertion Mark

This "L"-shaped mark on the left hand side shows the currently selected entry. Tap in the row of an entry anywhere but on the Detail Disclosure Button to select the entry.

The Checking Circle

This circle will display a green checkmark if the Task has been completed. To check or uncheck a Task, the entry has to be selected first. Then tap in the row of the entry anywhere but on the Detail Disclosure Button.

The Expansion Triangle

This triangle will point to the right if the Project's or Category's children are currently hidden from view. It will point down if the children are visible beneath the entry. To expand (show) or contract (hide) a Project, the entry has to be selected first. Then tap in the row of the entry anywhere but on the Detail Disclosure Button.

The Issues Circle

The number of Issues of an entry are displayed in this circle. Projects show the sum of all their children's Issues and their own. If this circle is half transparent, it does not have Issues of its own.

The Progress Bar:

The Progress Bar shows the progress of a Project calculated from the progress of its children.

  • One green bar: Work has started with at least one completed Task
  • Two green bars: 25% of the Tasks have been completed
  • Three green bars: 50% of the Tasks have been completed
  • Four green bars: 75% of the Tasks have been completed
  • Five green bars: All Tasks of the Project have been completed

TaskFlow View

Each main project in the Active List automatically displays its next due task in the TaskFlow View. A main project is a project that is a direct child of a Category or the Active List itself. The next due task is the bottom most open task of a project or its subprojects.

Each Project's priority is determined by its position in the Active List. Higher in the Active List means higher priority. You can override this priority by rearranging the open Tasks in any order you like. All corresponding parent Projects will then keep their next due Tasks coming in at the assigned unique priority level. New Projects come in at the highest priority if they are not assigned to a Project with a lower priority.

At the end of the day, check if your priorities are still in order. Thus starting the next you will be able to follow your compass through the most important tasks ahead of you and won‘t fall into the trap of wasting quality work time on questions like: "Which work do I feel like doing today? Let‘s scan all my open projects for something exciting!" Just trust your order of priority and fluidly tick off your tasks one by one.

Refresh Button

The "Refresh" button in the upper left hand corner will remove every checked Task in the list and show the next unchecked Task for the corresponding Project.

Reorder Button

The "Reorder" button in the upper right hand corner will call up a Reordering Control for each entry. With this control you can rearrange the entries in the list. The top-most entry is the most important one.

SingleTouch Check/Uncheck

The TaskFlow view does not have a Selection & Insertion Mark. Therefore you do not have to select an entry before checking or unchecking it. Just tap in the row of the entry anywhere but on the Detail Disclosure Button.

Project/Category Path

Beneath its name each entry displays its ancestry, a list of all of its parent projects.

Outlines List

In the Outlines View you can create template checklists. Every time you have to go through the list, you select it and press the "To Active Button". A copy will be created in the Active List that you can tick off step by step. When it's done you can delete the project in the Active List – next time you need a fresh copy, you just pull another one from the Outlines.

This View does not show the Progress Bar or Checkbox Circles. With the additional text space and less clutter it is also useful in creating non-ToDo-lists like, well, outlines for papers, presentations, novels etc.

Pressing the "To-Outlines-Button" in this view will duplicate the selected entry within the Outlines List.

Archive List

The Archive View shows all Projects that are currently not active and are not used as templates. It has three fixed categories to handle different jobs. Entries in this list can not be checked or unchecked but preserve the state in which they entered the Archive. Pressing the "To Active Button" in this View will move the selected entry to the Active List, removing it from the Archive.

Someday Category

New entries created within the Archive List will automatically be added to this category. It holds those "someday maybe" projects you may be familiar with from David Allen's GTD (external), projects you might plan on doing someday and wish to keep safe, but which should not invade the Active List just yet. If you send a project to the Archive from the Active or Outlines List that has not started yet (progress: 0%), it will also be added to this category.

Sleep Category

Projects which are sent to the Archive from the Active List with a progress of more than 0% but less than 100% are added to this category. It reminds you of all those unfinished businesses that have fallen from grace (the Active List) but have escaped the Delete Swipe and might still be redeemed one day.

Done Category

Completely finished projects (progress: 100%) which are sent to the Archive from the Active List are added to this category for future reference.

Control View

This View offers some reference information and will also give access to the Backup and Settings Control in the future.

Number of Active/Outlines/Archive entries:

Shows the total amount of entries (Tasks, Projects and Categories) within each of the three main lists. (Not counting the three fixed Archive Sections.)

How To ...

Displays an offline version of the How To Guide for a basic introduction to the liquid.lists workflow.

Credits & Contact

Displays developer and contact information for the App.

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