liquid.lists – fluid ToDo-Lists and Outlines


I developed this app to have a simple to use yet powerful task manager at hand that I could comfortably work with on a daily basis, taking care of the tons of projects and ideas that usually keep distracting my mind.

Through the years I have worked with dozens of task management solutions, paper based, hardware based, software based – but none could convince me to stick with it. Some were hard to maintain, some were too weak, some impossible for my humble mind to master. Others were downright ugly.

With the liquid suite of apps I am now creating my own solution and maybe you will also find them handy for solving your task management problems.

liquid.lists is the first hatchling of the liquid suite of productivity apps that will cover areas like task management up to full blown project and team management, personal finances and time control.

As liquid.lists does handle some things a little differently compared to task managers you might be familiar with, make sure you understand the basic terms.

For example, there are no priority tags like "important", "very important" etc. as I believe that there simply are no two projects of equal importance when you sit down at your desk and want to know what to do next. (liquid.lists assigns each project a unique priority that can be managed in the TaskFlow view.)
There are also virtually no differences in the handling of Tasks, Projects and Categories. They are all presented in the same cascading list view. Tasks that get subtasks automatically become Projects; Projects can be used as Categories with the flick of a switch to group mutually independent tasks or to resemble areas of responsibility.

For a quick introduction to the main mechanics of liquid.lists, see the How To section. For more detailed information on specific topics, browse the Manual.

Lite Edition:

Try the free liquid.lists Lite Edition to explore the App and manage up to 12 entries in each of the three main lists (Active, Outlines, Archive).

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