10/31/2011: liquid.lists currently unavailable

Unfortunateley liquid.lists is not compatible with iOS 5 and therefore unavailable until development can resume.

01/05/2010: liquid.lists Pro delayed

Due to other projects the Pro version and the first feature update of liquid.lists will be released behind schedule, approx. end of 1Q 2011.

11/12/2009: liquid.lists Lite now available

liquid.lists Lite is now available on the App Store

10/29/2009: liquid.lists Lite delayed

Release of the free Lite Edition (and the enhanced Pro Edition) of liquid.lists unfortunately will be delayed. Therefore the Standard Edition will be available for a special $1,99/€1,59 (or your local App Store equivalent) until the next feature update.

10/07/2009: liquid.lists now available

liquid.lists is now available on the App Store

09/26/2009: liquid.lists is on it's way

The first hatchling of the liquid.suite of productivity applications is on it's way. Task management and outlining software liquid.lists has been submitted to the App Store approval process and will be coming to the Apple® iPhone™ and iPod touch™ soon.

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