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How to create a new Task:

  1. Use the TabBar to open the "Active" list view.
  2. Tap on the Plus button in the upper right hand corner of the "Active" list view to add a new Task.
  3. The "Overview" screen will open automatically, prompting you to enter a name for the new Task. Type "First entry".
  4. Tap the Navigation Button in the upper left hand corner of the "Overview" screen (marked "Active") to return to the "Active" list view.
  5. Congrats – you have successfully created your first entry, a one-task-project!

How to group Tasks under a Project:

  1. Add three more Tasks naming them "Second entry", "Third entry" and "Fourth entry" respectively.
  2. Tap on the third entry once to select it – it will show the "L"-shaped Selection and Insertion Mark on the left
  3. Tap on the Extension Button in the upper left hand corner of the "Active" list view to display the ToolBar.
  4. Tap the Child Button to make the third entry a child of the fourth – the third entry will slide beneath the fourth entry and the fourth entry now displays a Disclosure Triangle and a Progress Bar, it has become a Project.
  5. Notice that the second entry has automatically received the Selection and Insertion Mark. Tap the Child Button again to make the second entry another child of the fourth entry. Tap the Child Button once more to make the first entry also a child of the fourth.
  6. Tap the fourth entry once to select it. Tap it again to disclose its children.
  7. Congrats – you have successfully grouped three Tasks under a parent Project!

How to Get Tasks Done:

  1. Tap the first entry once to select it, tap it again to mark it as done. Notice the Progress Bar of the fourth entry visualizing the progress.
  2. Use the TabBar to switch to the "TaskFlow" view.
  3. Notice that the "TaskFlow" view only displays the second entry – that's because Tasks in a Project are by default considered to be step-by-step actions. The "TaskFlow" view will only display the bottom most unchecked Task of each Project.
  4. Tap the second entry once to mark it as done. (The "TaskFlow" view does not have a selection marker.)
  5. Tap the Refresh Button in the upper left hand corner of the "TaskFlow" view. It now removes all checked Tasks and displays the next due Task, the third entry. (The same refresh happens when you leave the "TaskFlow" view and come back to it.)
  6. Return to the "Active" list view and notice the updated Progress Bar and Check Mark. Great, some work has been done!

How to reorder Tasks:

  1. Create a fifth entry. As the first entry still displays the Selection and Insertion Mark, the fifth entry is inserted beneath the first.
  2. Tap the fifth entry once to select it.
  3. Tap the Reorder Button, the rightmost button in the ToolBar – the selected fifth entry gets a Reordering Control.
  4. Drag the fifth entry by the Reordering Control to the top of the list.
  5. Tap the Reorder Button again to leave the reordering state – notice that the fifth entry is now shown by background color and indention level as a sibling of the fourth entry rather than a child of it.
  6. Return to the TaskFlow view – both the third and the fifth entry are now visible, as they have been reordered to become independent projects.

How to delete Tasks:

  1. Swipe across the third entry to call up the Deletion Control for the entry.
  2. Confirm the deletion by tapping the Deletion Control. The third entry is removed.
  3. Switch to the "Active" list view to see that the Task has really been removed from its parent Project. Note that the fourth entry Project now is completed and shows an all green Progress Bar. Sometimes this method is a valid way to get a Project done – but don't use it too often!

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